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Family Mystic


Marcelo Guitron - Guitar/Vocals

Matthew Serino - Bass/Vocals

Tommy Serino - Drums/Vocals

Love Covington - Keys/Vocals

Family Mystic is a four piece vocal ensemble surfing the ebb and flows of present day Portland, OR, redefining what making music from the deep realms of the heart can be. Vulnerable, poignant, dynamic, direct, and multidimensional. Merging elements of classic funk/soul, 60’s/70’s psychedelia, a splash of progressive jazz fusion, and tight vocal arrangements to answer the age old question “what genre is this music?” - FEEL GOOD MUSIC! Bringing people of all ages together. There may truly be a tasty treat for everyone within the mystical sounds of this family of brothers.

In the three years since the band's formation, Family Mystic has toured the west coast on multiple occasions. Making a name for themselves playing shows in parks and public spaces to bring the music to the people in times of need. They recorded/produced their debut studio album “Home in Your Heart” and live album “Live at Mt. Tabor Park 9/21/21”. Their sophomore 12-track studio album "Adventures of Nemara" is out December 21st, 2022, and was also self produced in their home studio, after recording instruments at Fortune Ave Studios. They now find themselves flourishing in the PNW venue and festival scene as they cultivate a vibrant network of music lovers, mystics, and families of all backgrounds and beliefs. They feel that the journey is just beginning as they step into the unfoldment of our destinies.


When the Twin Dragons meet at the highest peak,
What is it that you seek?

As the Serino Prophecy is fulfilled

The movement of sound is revealed

All of you who listen...

Hold the power, you are the key

to move this vibration further

into the Sea of Tranquility.

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